Stereotyping–for Profits!

In my last post, I discussed some touchy issues relating to gender in games. I got a couple of comments from readers, and I wanted to take some time to reply to them today, as well as delve deeper into an issue that keeps coming up: generalizing about people to tailor games for particular audiences.

Ladies’ (and Gentlemen’s) Night

Today I wanted to talk about making gender inclusive games. I don’t want to talk about making games specifically for girls or women. Instead, I want to talk about making games that everyone can enjoy, independent of gender. I think a lot of game designers start their games with this goal in mind, but make […]

Skin Deep

Games have a strange relationship with theming. I’m not talking about the fact that games don’t need themes and many don’t have one (like Go or Tetris). I’m not talking about the way the same game can be themed in countless ways (like Warcraft and Starcraft). I’m talking about the fact that the vast majority […]

The Iterative Saga Continues: Deranged Fantasy Games

I’ve been out of commission for a few weeks now. A move as well as some personal trips and transitions have sucked up a lot of my time, preventing me from writing. But I haven’t had so little time that I haven’t been making progress on games! In fact, my main focus has been on […]