An Unexpected Victory

So, it’s been about two weeks since the Corporate America Kickstarter finished up, and I’ve been pretty much silent! What gives? Before I answer that, you might be interested in seeing the curve for the project. Check it out. It’s right over there. The first thing you’ll notice when looking at the curve is that […]

Election Day: Behind Closed Doors

After weeks of trying to get some gameplay videos of Corporate America up, I’m very happy to announce they are, well, up! In two videos, you can see one turn of the game in action. The turn even features a pretty exciting election! Oh yeah, and today is election day here in the US. I […]

The Reward Tier that Almost Was

When basking in the glory of the Corporate America Kickstarter, you might ask yourself, “Why does the Campaign Volunteer reward tier have to pay $10? Shouldn’t it be free?” An excellent question! Today, I’ll tell you the marvelous tale of how this reward tier came to be, and what it almost was.