Nothing Sacred Games is a small, independent game studio located in Oakland, California. In fact, it’s pretty much just one guy, Teale Fristoe. Of course, there’s no way Teale could do what he does without the support and encouragement of countless friends and family, not to mention the many people who enjoy his games. So really, Nothing Sacred Games is much bigger than just one guy.


Why Nothing Sacred Games? It’s kind of a funny name. But it gets at the heart of the mission at the studio.

When it comes to making games, fun (or excitement or awe or schadenfreude or… some kind of emotion!) will always be the most important thing. If you don’t engage with someone emotionally, you aren’t really engaging with them. That said, games should be so much more than a bunch of little shots of endorphins!

And that’s where Nothing Sacred comes in. Just like other great artistic mediums such as literature and film, there is nothing games can’t address… no topic is too sacred for games to tackle. That doesn’t mean Nothing Sacred Games will make games about all controversial subjects or only controversial subjects, but it does mean that it won’t be afraid to make games about controversial subjects.

No matter what your experience with one of my games is, I hope you’re able to walk away from it with a slightly different outlook on some part of your life.


Nothing Sacred Games is located in the Bay Area, a region rich in interesting and awesome people. If you’d like to meet up to playing some games, don’t hesitate to contact me!