The Digital Divide Part II: Machines Meet Meat

Last time on The Digital Divideā€¦ …the biggest difference between digital and non-digital games is … the power of computers… …humans are really bad at a lot of … stuff… Computers have vast and nearly perfect memories … can perform thousands of calculations a second … computers are happy… In short, I discussed how computers […]

The Digital Divide Part I: Computers are Awesome

Since I started writing this blog, I’ve wanted to write a post on the differences between digital and non-digital games. I’ve spent a lot of time working on both, so I’m in a unique position to compare and contrast how they’re designed and what they can do. Truth be told, I tried writing on this […]

What is Fun? Part II

Earlier this week, I started listing the many types of fun board games can provide. Turns out I had more to say about it than I anticipated, so I’m wrapping up the post today. I’m going to continue tying in Corporate America so you can see how different types of fun have influenced my own […]

What is fun? Part I

I’ve wanted to make games for a very long time. Why? I assume the reason is the same for most other people who want to get into the game industry: because I love games. However, since I’ve started making games, I’ve also started playtesting a lot, with a lot of different people. When I playtest […]

Being a Mad Hatter

One of the coolest things about games is that they incorporate so many different disciplines into a single experience. From game design, you have a lot of psychology, storytelling, and math. There are plenty of challenging engineering problems to solve when you’re building a game, especially if it’s a digital game. The art is clearly […]