Being a Mad Hatter: The Bigger Con

A club wielding warrior prowling the premises; the occasional blood curdling scream of “Kubla!”; more kilts than you can shake a stick at. Have I been transported back to 13th century China (with a touch of Scotland)? Or maybe just back to DunDraCon? No, this is KublaCon! Ever since the Corporate America Kickstarter squeaked by, […]

10 Things Every Game Designer Needs to Know about 100 Things Every Designer Needs to Know about People

On my quest to become the best game designer I can possibly be, I recently read 100 Things Every Designer Needs to Know about People, a quick but interesting book by Susan Weinschenk. The book is a list of facts about people, ranging from physical specifics about vision to patterns of social interaction and emotional […]

Board Game Design Basics: Atmospheric Pressures

When you’re imagining a new game, you’re probably thinking about its clever mechanics, its dynamic world and characters, and its gorgeous art. It can be easy to forget about your players. And I don’t just mean their experience with the game, because as a game designer, your responsibilities don’t end there. You should consider the […]

On the Road

Well hello there! For the past couple of months I’ve been focusing on writing theory posts all about game design, but today I’m going to mix things up a bit and talk about some of the adventures I’ve had recently. Shortly after the Corporate America Kickstarter concluded, I realized I needed to start getting out […]