Exploration Phase

So Corporate America is off to the printers. I’ve been making appearances at conventions, but what else have I been doing to keep myself busy? The short answer to that is a lot of businessy stuff. I’ve been trying to find a distributor to help me with Corporate America (it turns out I was a […]

Being a Mad Hatter: The Big Con

The sound of clashing swords, the few women present all wearing corsets, the plethora of strange hats worn by people not even playing Corporate America. Is this some sort of bizarre dream? A glimpse into a strange, alternate universe? No, this is DunDraCon! I’ve been talking about the need to get out to meet people […]

Prototype Parade Part II

A couple weeks ago, I started discussing the prototypes of Corporate America available to Political Action Committee and Super PAC kickstarter supporters. I only got through the first two, so today I’ll tell you about the remaining two, sharing some stories and design lessons along the way. Playable Version February 25th, 2012. It had been […]

My Heart Beats for the Global Game Jam

The Global Game Jam will always have a special place in my heart. For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, the Global Game Jam is a truly epic event: over the course of 48 hours, people gather at locations around the world to meet new friends, have a blast, and of course, make […]