Design Analysis: Diamant

It was a cool, dark March night in the financial district of San Francisco. The club was also dark, but it was anything but cool. I had come to the IGDA GDC party with a prototype of my own game, Corporate America, not quite realizing yet that playtesting it in party scenarios like this one […]

Mechanic Analysis: Drafting

I’ve been thinking a lot about drafting lately. So today I thought I’d try something new: a close analysis of drafting as a mechanic. To start, I’ll define drafting and explain the different forms it takes. After that I’ll discuss what it adds to games. To wrap things up, I’ll cover the requirements of including […]

Fungus Design Decisions

Last time, I discussed the design goals that have guided my latest project, a drafting board game about fungus releasing spores from a pile of rotting logs (tentatively called Fungus). Today I’ll describe how those goals have helped shape the game through the iterative design process.

Fungus Design Goals

A few months ago I discussed the many games I’ve been working on since Corporate America went to the printers. I’m happy to tell you that Fungus (still looking for a real name) is one of the games that made the cut! Today I want to discuss the design goals I have for Fungus. I’m […]