Ourobits (working title) is a game that Bryan Blackford, Kevin Otoshi, and I made in 48 hours for Global Game Jam 2012. It was written in Flash using Flixel. You can play something slightly better than our original version for free (be kind… we only had 48 hours to build everything!).

We had so much fun working on the game, and it had so much potential, I decided it was worth it to continue to work on it! Since then, I’ve dedicated time here and there to improving the game in hopes of releasing a more complete version within the next couple of months. It’s currently only for Flash, but in the future you might see it for other platforms, including mobile and consoles.

The game itself is a simple but unique physics based game about shooting stars circling around a sun, either trying to circle round to touch their own tails (the Ouroboros was the theme for GGJ 2012) or eliminating the tails of all other shooting stars in multiplayer games. The art style is far from decided on this one, but the shot below can give you an idea of how the game has changed since GGJ 2012 ended a month and a half ago.

Ourobits is in active development, so I hope that you’ll see an announcement about it being released in the near future!