Lessons from the Corporate America Kickstarter

Last time on “Lessons…” So, before I get into the heart of the topic of today’s post (stuff I didn’t do so well with the┬áCorporate America Kickstarter), I wanted to talk a bit about my last post. When I wrote the post, I was intending to be funny. Looking back on the post, I think […]

Can my %@#! Kid Play Corporate America?

During a playtest of Corporate America a few months ago (immortalized in the beautiful presidential portrait over there), one player suggested bringing the game to play with some students she mentors. She thought they might learn a thing or two from the game. After discussing it for a bit, some players became very opposed to […]

The Joy of Spending Money

Today, I want to discuss the beautiful intersection of two buzz words currently making a splash in the game community: gamification and Kickstarter. Let’s Play All Day For those of you who don’t know, gamification is a process by which one adds or emphasizes game like qualities in non-game activities to make them more appealing. […]

Stereotyping–for Profits!

In my last post, I discussed some touchy issues relating to gender in games. I got a couple of comments from readers, and I wanted to take some time to reply to them today, as well as delve deeper into an issue that keeps coming up: generalizing about people to tailor games for particular audiences.