A Matter of Appearances

What’s Inside Matters For those of you who don’t know, I come from a computer science and philosophy background. You might think those two disciplines are really different, but they have more in common than you’d expect. For example, both are very interested in defining and understanding intelligence. But the main area of overlap I […]

Deranged Fantasy Games: The Next Iteration

For those of you just joining us, throughout the development of Corporate America, I’ve used the business card Deranged Fantasy Games to illustrate how the game has iteratively evolved. Today, I’ll continue that tradition. In the first installment of Iterative Design in Action, I used the various versions of Deranged Fantasy Games to show how […]

The Digital Divide Part III: Humans are Pretty Cool Too

Last time, on The Digital Divide… Last time on The Digital Divide… …the biggest difference between digital and non-digital games is … the power of computers… …despite the incredible … power … of computers, the games … using them will be limited by their target audience, humans. In other words, computers are much more powerful […]