The End of Flash: As I Lay Dying!

With Adobe ending support for Flash in just a couple of days (!), I’m finishing up my series on the Flash games I’ve developed today with As I Lay Dying! The previous two articles can be found here and here. As I Lay Dying! was a radical departure from my previous games, and that wasn’t […]

The End of Flash: Xaat Disi

With the imminent end of support for Flash by Adobe, I’ve decided to revisit my old Flash games before they disappear. After my last article about Arachnophilia, some friends kindly suggested that the games might not be lost after all, as stand alone Flash players will still be available and some websites, such as Armor […]

The End of Flash: Arachnophilia

Most of you probably know me as a board game designer. But I actually got my start making small Flash games. Back then I basically did it all: design, programming, and even art, for better or worse. With Adobe ending support of Flash at the end of this year, I decided it was time to […]

Designing Under Constraints

People start designing games for many reasons, but a big one is freedom. You see all sorts of games, but notice a striking omission, and think you could make it yourself! Throughout the tabletop hobby there’s a view that a new game is a totally blank slate and that game design is a liberating creative […]

Whatever You Do, Don’t Breathe

No, I’m not suggesting you hold your breath until the Corporate America Kickstarter goes live. (Even though it’s almost close enough to be safe–it’s going up Monday!) I’m just trying to share some of the wisdom I’ve learned from working on movies for the Corporate America Kickstarter over the past two weeks. Last time, I […]

And… Cut

I’ve discussed before that one of the coolest things about making games is how many different skill sets it takes. It turns out, being indie requires even more. Not only do you have to conceive of and create a game, you have to be able to sell it. In today’s world of instant media, one […]

The Digital Divide Part II: Machines Meet Meat

Last time on The Digital Divideā€¦ …the biggest difference between digital and non-digital games is … the power of computers… …humans are really bad at a lot of … stuff… Computers have vast and nearly perfect memories … can perform thousands of calculations a second … computers are happy… In short, I discussed how computers […]

Interview with Sheep Dreams Electric!

This is a quick one–I just wanted to let everyone know that I was interviewed at Sheep Dreams Electric, a thoughtful new blog on all things games. Check it out!