A Year of Fun and Games

Has it really been a year since I left school to pursue an uncertain life as an independent game designer? My first blog post, where I discuss my thoughts on games as art, was posted a whole year ago, so I guess so! It’s hard to believe it’s already been a year. I have to […]

Prototype Parade Part II

A couple weeks ago, I started discussing the prototypes of Corporate America available to Political Action Committee and Super PAC kickstarter supporters. I only got through the first two, so today I’ll tell you about the remaining two, sharing some stories and design lessons along the way. Playable Version February 25th, 2012. It had been […]

Prototype Parade Part I

Over the past few weeks, I’ve had the privilege of working on one of the more unique rewards for Corporate America Kickstarter supporters: hand made prototypes from various stages in the development of the game. Many other projects offer art related sneak peeks into the development process, but I don’t actually know of another project […]

Lessons from the Corporate America Kickstarter

Last time on “Lessons…” So, before I get into the heart of the topic of today’s post (stuff I didn’t do so well with the┬áCorporate America Kickstarter), I wanted to talk a bit about my last post. When I wrote the post, I was intending to be funny. Looking back on the post, I think […]

Lessons from Other Kickstarters

Wow, has it really been a month and a half since my last blog post? Yowza. That’s what I call the definition of unacceptable. In my defense, though, a lot of the delay came from trying to pack as much punch into the final version of Corporate America as possible. I needed to get it […]

The Balancing Act

As you probably know by now, the Corporate America Kickstarter will go down in history as a resounding success! Hurray! That may be the case, but if you read my last post, you know that over the course of the campaign, that was far from a certainty. The campaign was full of ups and downs. […]

An Unexpected Victory

So, it’s been about two weeks since the Corporate America Kickstarter finished up, and I’ve been pretty much silent! What gives? Before I answer that, you might be interested in seeing the curve for the project. Check it out. It’s right over there. The first thing you’ll notice when looking at the curve is that […]

Election Day: Behind Closed Doors

After weeks of trying to get some gameplay videos of Corporate America up, I’m very happy to announce they are, well, up! In two videos, you can see one turn of the game in action. The turn even features a pretty exciting election! Oh yeah, and today is election day here in the US. I […]

The Reward Tier that Almost Was

When basking in the glory of the Corporate America Kickstarter, you might ask yourself, “Why does the Campaign Volunteer reward tier have to pay $10? Shouldn’t it be free?” An excellent question! Today, I’ll tell you the marvelous tale of how this reward tier came to be, and what it almost was.

Going Out of Date

Corporate America is a very topical game. It’s about the present, with lots of references to current companies, current political movements, and the current state of the country. In many ways, this helps the game stand out. But it’s also a potential weakness. Cyrus at Father Geek brought this up as one of the worst […]