The Tabletop Golden Age

One of my patrons recently asked about the board game golden age we’re currently going through. Things certainly seem rosy at the moment. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of new games released every year, and perhaps even more importantly, the quality of games has gone up immensely since the days of Monopoly and The […]

The Strange Story of Second Age

Today I thought I’d share a little bit about one of my main current projects, The Second Age of Sorcery. It has quite the meandering story, and still might take me places I’ve never been. So pull up a chair and get ready for story time!

Shadow Throne Outtakes

Early in the¬†Shadow Throne Kickstarter, a backer asked if I had any fun stories about cards that didn’t make the cut. I’m finally getting around to it… four months after the Kickstarter finished. Better late than never, right? Between the initial conception for Shadow Throne and when it funded on Kickstarter, I worked on a […]

The Cost of a Board Game: Time

Not long ago, I discussed the monetary cost of making Corporate America, an awesome political satire board game. Today, I want to pick up where I left off by discussing how much time it took to make Corporate America. I’ll get into the details in just a minute. In the mean time, this timeline will […]

Prototype Parade Part II

A couple weeks ago, I started discussing the prototypes of Corporate America available to Political Action Committee and Super PAC kickstarter supporters. I only got through the first two, so today I’ll tell you about the remaining two, sharing some stories and design lessons along the way. Playable Version February 25th, 2012. It had been […]

Prototype Parade Part I

Over the past few weeks, I’ve had the privilege of working on one of the more unique rewards for Corporate America Kickstarter supporters: hand made prototypes from various stages in the development of the game. Many other projects offer art related sneak peeks into the development process, but I don’t actually know of another project […]

Going Out of Date

Corporate America is a very topical game. It’s about the present, with lots of references to current companies, current political movements, and the current state of the country. In many ways, this helps the game stand out. But it’s also a potential weakness. Cyrus at Father Geek brought this up as one of the worst […]

Corporate America: The Origin Story

Ever wonder how Corporate America came to be? If the Kickstarter is successful, it will become a real board game, just like Monopoly or Illuminati! Right now, it’s a handful of prototypes scattered across the world and some files on my computer. But the game began as only a vague idea in my mind, and […]

Games, the Newest Art Form

Hello everyone! Before I dive into today’s very big topic, I wanted to take a minute to introduce myself. My name is Teale Fristoe. I’m a game designer and the guy who runs Nothing Sacred Games. I’m extremely excited to be able to spend so much of my time and energy in creating and playing […]